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Home Gemmology Tuesdays, a series of online classes every Tuesday from May 28 till June 18 at 9:00 am or 7:00 pm, Lisbon/London timezone.


This is a 2-session intensive workshop (120 minute per session) for intermediate students that wish to enhance their management and practical skills in selection gem materials for jewellery, specially orientated for jewellery designers, makers, artists and both gemmology and jewellery students.

This short-duration live format in an online room with limited seats is learning-friendly as it promotes engagement with the tutor and colleagues in a dynamic and relaxed environment.

You can choose the sessions that will take place over Zoom:
Group 1 (G1)
: 09:00 London ; 10:00 Paris ; 12:00 Dubai ; 15:00 Bangkok ; 18:00 Melbourne.
Group 2 (G2)
: 19:00 London ; 20:00 Paris ; 11:00 Los Angeles ; 14:00 New York ; 15:00 Rio de Janeiro.

Learn about all the contents, dates, timezones, prices, legal tax information, limitations and terms of these online lessons on gems and gemmology.

Full Program Here
  • Eva Meyer, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

    As always, Rui’s gem classes are outstanding (and a lot of fun!) to attend. With his decade-long gem & jewellery knowledge and background, every aspect of the history of jewellery becomes a fascinating story you’d like to learn more about. I highly recommend his classes!

  • Christina Rusu, Italy

    Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing the knowledge and experience! It's priceless to me. We spent a great time talking and all the things I have learned are very useful! Hope to have a chance to meet you personally!

  • Helen Dimmick FGA, Blackburn, UK

    The online course undertaken with Rui was exceptional, he is not just a brilliant gemmologist but engaging and entertaining presenter. Although I’m a qualified gemmologist there was so much to enjoy and learn.

  • Marie T. Charleston, South Carolina, USA

    I have taken several informative educational webinar classes with Rui. Each section was well designed and covered the topic clearly and thoroughly. The presentations include excellent photos, graphs and a detailed bibliography. Even a seasoned gemologist will enjoy and learn from the classes because Rui puts the information in a historical context. Rui is very knowledgeable and passionate about gemology and I can highly recommend his classes.

  • Viswanathan Mohan, Bengaluru, India

    Many thanks for your insight, input, and support to answer all the queries. Your enthusiasm and humour were very perfectly pitched to keep us motivated. In fact, it is the best I have ever been to. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

  • Patricia Barbosa, Porto, Portugal

    The knowledge I acquired in Mr. Rui Galopim's workshop exceeded my expectations. Since I want to dedicate myself to 3D jewelry design, this workshop was very helpful to me in finding better design solutions. I found particularly interesting the part dedicated to the quotation of a diamond jewel. It allows me to make better choices in order to avoid unnecessary production costs. I am very excited with all the information. It was definitely the workshop I needed.

Legal Tax information

ALL end consumers:  VAT at a 23% is included, regardless of the client’s fiscal jurisdiction.

B2B - Please contact us before you register for assistance with business accounts for tax and invoicing purposes (see above) or for large group bookings.

Businesses in the European Union (EU)*: VAT is not added for businesses with a verified VAT number in VIES.(EU member states reverse charge rules apply).

Businesses established in Portugal: IVA at a 23% is included. NIF or NIPC is recommended for invoicing.

Video/audio recordings: Due to local privacy law, recording of the session is strictly NOT permitted.